Why you should buy a Raspberry Pi computer

With the launch of the Raspberry Pi 3, the first of many Raspberry Pi computers that will start shipping in December, the world of Raspberry Pi-related gadgets is getting a whole lot bigger.

We’ve put together a roundup of the best Raspberry Pi PCs, peripherals and accessories.


Raspberry Pi Plus 3 If you’re looking for a Raspberry PI 3, it’s not too hard to find them.

But the Raspberry PI Plus 3 is a bit more affordable, and it’s the first Pi to include a USB Type-C port, which lets you use it as a hub for your peripherals.

If you want to take your Pi 3 on a holiday or want to use it for a project, the Pi Plus Plus 3 offers plenty of ports to suit almost any project.

The Plus 3 comes with a 500mAh battery, which is sufficient for an hour or so of use.

It has 32GB of RAM and is capable of running a Linux-based OS like Ubuntu.


Raspberry PI Zero The Pi Zero is an all-in-one computer that offers a small form factor, but the big selling point is its built-in WiFi.

The PiZero is one of the few Raspberry Pi models that includes the USB Type C port, so you can connect to your Wi-Fi network without worrying about any cables.

It’s the perfect choice for people who want to build their own computing machine without having to invest in expensive cables and adapters.

The Raspberry Pi Zero costs £149 ($250) on Amazon, but you can get a much cheaper version for $89 ($150).


Raspberry Pis 2 and Pi 3 The Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi Pi 3 have been available for a few months now, but they’ve only seen limited releases, mainly due to the fact that the first two versions of the Pi 2 didn’t have a USB-C connection.

The newest model is now out, and the Pi 3 has just been released.

Both the Raspberry Pis come with Wi-fi and Ethernet ports, and they are capable of supporting both 4K video and 3D displays.

The new Pi 3 comes in two flavours, the base model, which includes a 2.4GHz dual-core processor, a 128GB storage and 4GB RAM, and a 256GB storage version.

It also has a microSD slot, but it’s a bit pricey.

The base model is priced at £99 ($145), the 256GB version at £179 ($199).

4. Raspberry Pi is one the most popular computer accessories around, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of our top picks for most Raspberry Pi accessories.

There are many models of Raspberry Pis out there, and these models are compatible with both Windows and MacOS, making it easy to build a computer that’s perfect for you.

The most popular models include the RaspberryPi, Pi 3+, Pi Zero and Raspberry Pis Lite.

There’s a range of RaspberryPi accessories to suit everyone, and we’ve rounded up a list of the most essential Raspberry Pi things to get you started.


RaspberryPad RaspberryPad is a Raspberry Pis computer with built-ins for all of your devices, including your Raspberry Pi.

It supports up to 16GB of memory, so the device is able to run your applications and games at maximum speed.

It comes with everything you need to get your Raspberry Pis running.

The keyboard and mouse are included with the device, so they’re easy to access while you’re working.

The pad comes with Bluetooth and Wi-fro, and if you want, you can download a second wireless keyboard and wireless mouse as well.

The device has a battery life of up to nine hours, which means it’s suitable for up to two people.

6. The RaspberryPi series is one that Raspberry Pi users are all about.

This range of computer accessories includes the RaspberryPI+, RaspberryPi Plus, RaspberryPi Zero and Pi3+.

They’re all powered by the Raspberry SoC, which runs Linux and runs all of the apps you use.

They’re compatible with Windows and OS X, so if you’re a Windows PC user, the RaspberrySoC is your best bet.

The devices come in a range for different purposes, but most are meant for the home and office.

The cheapest model is the Pi3, which comes in a single edition, with 32GB, 256GB and 512GB storage.

This model comes with only 4GB of storage, which can be used for videos and music, but that’s a minor complaint.

The latest model is a quad-core version of the SoC called the Raspberry P3+, which costs £179.


Raspberry Pins One of the great things about the Raspberry pi is that it has a great range of accessories for a range and a price that’s just right.

There is an excellent range of Pi pins, and you can buy them all from one source, so there’s a great deal of choice for the budding DIYer