Which team will win the Super Bowl?

When you think of the biggest sporting events in the world, you might think of a basketball game or a football game.

But what if the Superbowl were played on paper?

That’s exactly what the New York Jets are planning to do in a few months.

The Jets are using a new technology that makes the game possible using only ink and paper.

The paper technology will be the brainchild of the Jets and a joint venture between the Jet Blue and NASA, which has developed a new version of the technology.

The Jet Blue team is partnering with the National Space Biomedical Research Center (NSBRC) and the University of Texas to make this new version the world’s first paper-based game.

This paper-like technology allows players to have their hands on the ball instead of their hands touching the ball during play.

The Jet Blue technology is based on the same technology used in the NCAA men’s basketball game between Duke and Michigan State.

It uses a similar system that allows players the ability to use their hands in order to control the ball.

This technology will allow the Jets to take advantage of the new technology in the NFL, which allows players, including the current and former Jets, to play a team-based football game without needing to touch the ball on the sideline.

The Jets have been experimenting with this paper-related technology since the end of last season.

The team has been working with NASA on this new technology for some time, and this is the first time the Jets have used it for a football match.

The technology was developed to help players with some of the most difficult injuries on the field, including concussions, and was developed as part of a NASA program to develop a way for players to help their teammates during those events.

This is one of the first times the Jets will be using this technology for a game, according to the New Orleans Saints, who are in New Orleans to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a game scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 11.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported that the Jets used a version of this paper technology to make the game on paper last season, but the team said the technology was not a game-changer.

Instead, the technology allowed the team to play with a different set of rules.

The goal of the paper-free Superbowl was not only to reduce the amount of time players spent on the sidelines, but also to give fans more time to watch their favorite team play.

The paper-less Superbowl will give fans an opportunity to watch a game live while also allowing for the most accurate measurements possible of what’s happening on the pitch.

This will make the final score more accurate, according the paperless Superboi, the team behind the technology, which is being tested in conjunction with NASA.

The technology works by allowing players to make a measurement by hand during play, and then by scanning a digital image of the ball, or the “bob,” that is being played on the other side of the field.

When the ball is scanned, the image is processed in a computer.

The result is an image of what the ball looks like on the playing surface.

The team hopes this technology will help players, coaches, and fans get the most out of their time with the team, but this will not be the only benefit of the system.

The system will also allow the team and players to use digital data to adjust the game and make it easier for players and fans to get out of the stadium and onto the field at the same time.

For the players, the paper technology provides them with the opportunity to be able to see what the balls are actually going to be.

Players are not only able to look at the balls during the play, but they also can use their feet to control them, and the Jets can look at what they’re going to do with the ball and know exactly what they should do in order for them to be successful.

For the coaches, the system allows them to see the play and make adjustments in preparation for when they will be facing a new opponent.

The teams are also able to adjust and adjust their plays to ensure that the game stays in time with what is happening on-field.

Players and fans can expect the technology to be available to use in all stadiums in the first two weeks of next season.

The NFL is also taking a major step toward making the Superbois a real possibility by using paper to create the game in the future.

The NFL announced a partnership with the NFL Players Association last week, which means that if the league decides to implement this new paper-only Superbowl, the NFL will be able use the technology in future Superbowls.

The players, however, are not the only ones that are getting the benefit of this technology.

The Superboise will be televised on ESPNU, which will broadcast the event from the sidelines.

This new technology will give the league even more incentive to get the Superbos off the ground.

The game will be broadcast