When Apple finally takes over the world with Windows 10

Windows 10 will be launched on Thursday, September 16, with Apple replacing Microsoft as the dominant global computing company.

But in a surprising move, the US tech giant is planning to take the crown with Windows 8.1 and its accompanying Windows 7 OS, which Microsoft is still the dominant OS.

It is expected that Microsoft will launch the operating system in the US in April and in Europe in July.

Windows 8.x is the default operating system on Apple’s devices. 

However, the company is still expected to launch the OS in China, which will have a long history of operating systems. 

Microsoft will also launch Windows 10 in the UK in April.

In addition, the Chinese firm is planning the launch of Windows 10 for China on July 15.

In a statement, Apple said it would not launch Windows or OS X in China in 2019, as Microsoft is the dominant operating system.

“Apple will not offer any new products to China until it has a compelling case for making the switch from Windows to its operating system,” it said. 

Apple said that it is not ready to launch its own operating system for the Chinese market until 2019. 

In the US, Apple has not made any plans to move its operating systems to Windows 10, but is expected to move to the OS X version of Windows later this year. 

On Monday, Microsoft will release Windows 10.