Which Apple computers cost the most?

Apple Computer Co. reported its first profit in four years on Wednesday, as it reported a gain in the number of new units sold and its best quarterly performance ever.

The company sold 5.4 million new iPhones in the quarter, bringing its total sales to more than 17.6 million, according to a statement.

Apple shares rose more than 4% in early trading, before ending the day at $142.43.

The stock rose as much as 7% at $143.01, its biggest one-day gain since December 2013.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which came out in July, are the most expensive new models ever.

The new iPhones cost $999 and $1,099.

The iPhone 6 Plus was the most popular iPhone of 2016.

The $1.99 iPhones cost about $400 less than the $999 iPhones, but still more expensive than most other phones.

The cheapest iPhone currently available for $649, the iPhone 6, costs $349.

The biggest leap in the cost of a new Apple device is the $1 computer.

That was the only significant change in the $700 billion smartphone market.

The latest figures also showed the number one selling computer for the first time, the $7,400 MacBook Pro, has reached its biggest monthly increase in five years.

The average price of a Mac in the U.S. increased about 10% in the last six months.

The MacBook Pro is the cheapest laptop in the world, and has been used by celebrities and some businesspeople.