Which computer brands are worth the most to Australian consumers?

The average price of a home computer is currently around AU$500,000 (about $600,000).

This is up from AU$300,000 in 2007 and AU$180,000 for a mid-range laptop.

A typical desktop PC currently sells for AU$3.2 million, and laptops sell for AU $5.7 million.

There are also more laptop models and a smaller number of desktop models, so it is not clear which are worth more.

“I don’t think you should use the cheapest PC on the market as the best one,” says Andrew Jorgensen, managing director of home technology company Geekspace in Sydney.

“If you are looking for a high-end machine, look at a high end machine.

You can get the most bang for your buck with a low-end laptop, but if you are a consumer, you should look at something a bit lower.”

If you need help choosing a computer, look to budget-friendly models.

These models typically have better specifications than high-spec models.

For example, the Asus P8 Pro is an affordable desktop model with high-definition gaming capabilities.

But it is a $1,500 (£770) higher than a midrange laptop, so you may want to think twice before buying.

You could also consider a low cost laptop that has similar performance, but has a lower price tag.

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