Intel’s $3.8B deal with Intel chips makes it the biggest chipmaker to buy PCs in the US

Intel (INTC) has signed a $3 billion deal with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), the biggest tech deal in the world, to buy chipmakers Advanced Micro and Atom for a combined $10.2 billion.

The deal follows an earlier $2 billion deal last year that also saw Intel’s (INTSY) Atom chipmaking arm take a bigger role in the PC market.

Intel has been in talks with Advanced Micron for a number of years, with AMD and Intel all keen to take advantage of their chipmakers’ expertise.

The Intel-Advanced Micro deal is one of the largest in the chipmaker’s history.

It will include Advanced Micro chips and other software, and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2020, Intel said in a statement.

In a statement, Advanced Micro Technologies said the deal is a “significant strategic and operational milestone” for the semiconductor giant.

“This is a significant milestone for Intel as we have the capability to offer a broad range of innovative products to our customers in a range of markets, including mobile and gaming,” it said.

“The deal demonstrates our commitment to bringing Intel-related products to market in a manner that makes them available to the market for decades to come.”AMD said the agreement “signals an even greater level of collaboration between Intel and AMD as we continue to lead the PC industry.”