How Google can pay for cheap computer chair with cheap textbooks

Google is set to start offering computer science degree courses at a cheap price, with the company aiming to undercut Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook by offering them free.

Google and other companies are trying to offer cheaper computer science courses for students by making them more affordable, especially for students from the middle and lower classes, a move that is also being done for their other disciplines.

According to the Associated Press, the company has begun offering computer theory courses for free to low-income students from families with incomes below $40,000, a change that is part of its broader strategy to compete with Amazon and Microsoft for students.

The company will offer a free course on computer science called “Principles of Computer Science” to low income students.

In addition to free courses, Google is also making an offer of the company’s “Mastering the Web” course to low cost students.

Google’s new plan comes as it looks to become a more profitable company in the education space, which is struggling to attract students to the online giant.

In November, Google posted a loss of $1.6 billion, or 4.7 percent, on sales of $4.3 billion, which was below the industry average of 5.4 percent.